Baltic Home


1 - 10 July, 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

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Design Terminal
Park Rady Europy

The aim of the Baltic Home exhibition is to present the design stemming from the area of the Baltic countries, including Poland.

By simulating the interior design of a living quarter inside a closed container the viewers can learn about the current trends and tendencies which are the components of the style typical of this region of Europe. The premise of the exhibition is to gather a set of well-designed objects, which are a source of inspiration for consumers. The creation of a universal Baltic Home proposal for all residents of the Baltic region, to a certain extent, will recover the connectivity between Gdynia and its neighbours, separated from us but also connected by the sea.

The LUMANN shop and gallery in Gdańsk is a partner to the arrangement, presenting the most interesting Polish projects. Above all it is a place where you can sit and you can touch both the icons of Polish design as well as the less known but equally interesting products. LUMANN works with the most recognizable Polish brands like Tabanda, Zięta, Prozessdesign, Vzór or Malafor, but also with young talents. All this so that Polish design may settle for good in Polish homes.