Kids Design Space


1 - 10 July, 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.


PSTP Gdynia
Al. Zwycięstwa 96/98

"KIDS DESIGN SPACE - children design space" is the first exhibition of this type in Poland! An interactive exhibition consisting of 14 prototypes, which were created thanks to the cooperation between children and reputable Polish designers.

More than 200 children aged from 6 to 14 and 24 recognized designers have worked together on the unusual projects during the workshop. The non-standard topics of the classes have inspired considerable amounts of creativity from the youngest. Children’s ideas inspired by, among others, the experiments by Pan Kleks, the adventures of superheroes or the life of insects, for the designers, became the starting point for further work on real, functional objects.

The exhibition is divided into 14 parts, each of them presents the prototypes created during the project and profiles of their authors. The aim of the exhibition is to establish a dialogue with the recipient, encourage interaction and learning through play. During the tour the youngest will realize that design is not as terrifying as it may seem, that bus stops do not have to be boring, that parasites are not always dangerous and that the carpets are not just for vacuuming. At the same time the adults will get a healthy dose of inspiration for joint creative activities with the youngest and they will move into the world of creativity and imagination.

The exhibition will be accompanied by workshops with designers involved in the project. They are aimed at both children and adults. Additionally, there will be a small workbook that will help to plan the stroll and offer a couple of interesting ideas to enrich the visit to the exhibition. Because who said that the exhibitions have to be boring?!

More information about the project:

Organizer: Fundacja Open Mind

Co-organizer: CRZ Krzywy Komin,

Honorary Patronage: Minister Edukacji Narodowej, Rzecznik Praw Dziecka, Marszałek Województwa Dolnośląskiego, Prezydent Miasta Wrocław

Contents Partner: Wydział Architektury Politechniki Wrocławskiej

Patron: Akademia Sztuk Pięknych im. Eugeniusza Gepperta we Wrocławiu

Partners: Materialise, ONIMO, FAM FARA, HABE Kinga Kosińska, Kapilar, TEKTOORA, CPR, NADO, BARBARA, WROCŁAW 2016, CHORS, ZIĘTA, LEGO, Trick Logic